“Remember the Three Bs”: Physician Shares Healthy Living Tips for Men

June is Men’s Health Month, and men are encouraged to step back and take stock of their health. When doctors stratify the top ten leading causes of death by sex, men lead in nine out of the ten categories. Board-certified family medicine physician Jason Singh, MD, told WTOP that preventative care is the key to men living longer, healthier lives.

“Just remember the three Bs,” Dr. Singh said. “Berries, beans and broccoli — because these foods are particularly rich in fiber and that promotes good gut health, which lowers the risk of colon cancer.”

Dr. Singh also explained that men can stay on top of their health with annual doctor visits and cancer screenings.

“I always tell the guys, ‘Listen, if there are three numbers you need to commit to memory, it’s your cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure’ — because these are risk factors to heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in men,” Dr. Singh said. “Then closely behind is cancer, and that’s why regular checkups are so important and to be aware of the screening timelines for colon cancer and prostate cancer, which affects one in six men.”