Get to Know Dr. Singh

Meet Dr. Singh, your trusted partner on your journey to optimal health. With over 8 years of experience as a board-certified physician, Dr. Singh has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional patient care with a personal touch.

But Dr. Singh is not just a physician; he’s an integral part of the South Loudoun community. Having lived here for the past 8 years, he understands the unique needs and aspirations of his patients because he’s been a part of this vibrant community alongside his wife, Mona, and their three wonderful children, Sahil, Shaylan, and Sarina.

When he’s not passionately caring for patients, Dr. Singh indulges his love for Penn State Football, coaching basketball, and exploring the richness of our local communities. Whether it’s a relaxing evening at home with a good book or enjoying movies, he values the importance of finding balance and rejuvenation in his own life.

Dr. Singh’s dedication to patient care is matched by his impressive credentials. Throughout his residency at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, he received numerous accolades and honors, reflecting his unwavering commitment to his craft and, most importantly, his patients. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise to esteemed medical institutions such as Virginia Commonwealth University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Georgetown University, earning teaching awards and publishing extensively.

Prior to founding One Oak Medical, Dr. Singh served in a leadership role, overseeing a team of 150 dedicated clinical and non-clinical staff members. His emphasis on service excellence and a patient-centered approach led to achieving top 1% patient satisfaction scores in the entire mid-Atlantic region.

Dr. Singh’s dedication extends far beyond the walls of his practice. He actively engages with community organizations focused on improving healthcare access and promoting wellness. His passion for spreading health-related knowledge has led him to be a sought-after spokesperson, sharing his expertise through multiple media outlets.

At One Oak, Dr. Singh is committed to providing you with enhanced access to evidence-based practices, continuity of care across the healthcare spectrum, and shared medical decision-making. His patient-first approach and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that you receive the personalized care you deserve.

Welcome to One Oak Medical, where Dr. Singh and his compassionate team are ready to accompany you on your path to optimal health. Together, let’s make your well-being our top priority.